Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New cosmetics haul ☆

Hi dollies!

I ordered some Korean cosmetics few weeks back and I finally got them yesterday! (*´∀`*)

Here's what I bought:

    SUPER+ BB cream, WONDER PORE Clay Clear,  Miracle Real Skin Finish,  Nymph Aura Volumer

Let's start with the one in cutest package aka Holika Holika's Miracle Real Skin Finish which is a multi cream with whitening function that treats your skin tone and makes your bare skin look bright.

I mostly wanted to buy Holika Holika because of their cute packages and bottles heh, but this product actually is really nice. It does make my already pale skin even whiter but it also leaves a really fresh and smooth feeling to my skin.

The texture is really nice and creamy - you don't need much of it for your whole face so it's also very lasting.

Next up are two products that are meant to use together. SKIN 79 SUPER+ BB cream and Etude House's Nymph Aura Volumer. These two combined are meant to create a dewy and glowy look on your skin.

You are supposed to mix the Volumer in proportion of 1:3 to the BB cream so it gives a little more glow to your skin. You can also use Nymph Aura as a highlighter if you feel like it.
I love both of these products and they really do give you a flawless looking skin.

Nymph Aura has a light pink tone (which isn't visible on your skin) and the BB cream is light nude. The latter is slightly darker than my own pale skin but luckily the Volumer makes it lighter.

Last but not least is Etude House's WONDER GIRLS PORE Clay Clear facial spread. It's an oxygen-delivering carbonated ingredient which cleanses oil, dirt and other impurities leaving you with healthy-looking pores.

I tried it out yesterday but I can't yet say if it was effective or not but it was definitely fun to put on. Now you'll see why.

The texture is like clay mousse ლ(◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) haha~

Skincare is extremely important to me and that's why I love trying out new products. Which are your favorite skincare products? Do you like the Korean trend of dewy & glowy, natural looking skin?

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  1. these things looks amazing, I want them all! ^-^

  2. I love these products *v* I also used a BB cream from SKIN79 for long time and it was amazing, I'm super curious about the first cream, I would like to try it ♥

    1. The BB cream by SKIN79 really seems to be one of the most popular BB creams out there and no wonder really! I totally agree, it is amazing~

      The first cream is good for a base before putting on BB cream and such, it also fits for those days you're too lazy to wear any make-up haha so I do recommend it :) ♥

  3. Your blog is so cute! I'm a new follower. Let's follow each other!

    xx, Gina